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Corrugated Box Sample Making Service

Our strength does not only reside in our manufacturing prowess. We have the state-of-art capabilities in servicing our customers in the conceptual stage of planning all types of corrugated boxes and point of sales display stands and other corrugated display accessories.

plotter Our designers are using an advance software call KASEMAKE 2000® Box Builder which is Britain’s most used and best selling packaging design system.

Rather than using a fixed standard, the Box Builder can dynamically assemble a new carton from a range of flexible parts. Panels, lids, flaps and tucks are all available as individual parameterized components. The designer simply selects the most appropriate part from an illustrated list of components.

KASEMAKE 2000® has a huge database of design and styles for use with all types of corrugated, rigid board and polymer based materials. From transit units and fitments to display items, the database can be used as it is, adapted to suit the individual requirements or as a foundation for a new creation.

Customers who want to preview the finished product can view it virtually in 3-D in the computer or computer printed printouts. Since the software also controls the MISOMEX® plotter, the “real thing” can be produced by cutting out a sample using a piece of corrugated sample board.

With this sample service that we provide, our potential customers are able to view  the actual product that they require before making a decision to a full scale production.

Quality Assurance Service

In Atlas Paper, we subscribe to the age old scientific philosophy of “To measure is to know”. This is because of the unforgiving truth that the quality of our final product be it carton box, display stand or even the humble layer pad depends on the quality of the raw materials that go into the making of such products.

qa Hence measurement involves laboratory testing of the incoming raw paper materials, the finished corrugated boards and the box itself.

To ensure that our raw paper rolls meet the standards specified in the suppliers certification of conformance, our laboratory testers perform 5 stringent tests:

  1. Grammage test  
  2. Thickness test
  3. Bursting (Mullen) test
  4. Tensile test
  5. Ring-crush test

For the corrugated boards, the two basic tests are:

  1. Edge-crush test
  2. Bursting (Mullen) test

All these tests are carried out using Swedish precision instruments manufacturer Lorentzen® and Wetre’s® Autoline instruments.

Box Compression Test (BCT)
The compression strength of a corrugated boards box is a direct measure of the stacking strength of corrugated board packages. The compression strength is measured by a destructive test in which the completed box is subjected to increasing pressure at constant compression rate in a Box Tester until it gives way. From the reading recorded in the computer, we can estimate the maximum stacking height of the corrugated packages.

We are using an American Lab Validator Box Compressor in Atlas.